In the context of a dynamic and globalized market, in which the opportunities and limitations presented to business organizations require fast, precise and secure responses, we created K&S Information Technology (Clifen S.A.), a professional environment which combines innovation with expertise, confidence and security.

Our services are characterized by the complete dedication of each one of the professionals in charge of the different areas in order to solve the customer’s needs. The personalized attention, the care and deep respect towards the clients, and their direct participation in the supervision and execution of the assignments, create, along with a whole process of constant information and training, a high quality customer service.

K&S Information Technology brings together the training, experience and knowledge of a group of professionals and technicians, acting with honesty and absolute loyalty to their customers and partners, in an effort to value the academic education of our country in the field of information technology.


We commit ourselves, as technological partners, to each of our customer’s projects, by following and encouraging their own evolution process. Identifying, creating and developing innovative and efficient solutions to their needs, we contribute with our effort to the theoretical and practical progress of software technology in Uruguay.

We want to create a business model with our customers and partners based on a fundamental principle so that the relationship lasts over time, the "win-win" concept that is beneficial for all parties and allows facing the future from a stable base.

We seek to establish new markets with solid bases in order to expand ourselves and develop innovative projects in them.


We are known for always keeping in mind the following values: respect, trust, commitment, cooperation, responsibility and proactivity.

We are backed up by the trajectory of almost 30 years of work providing services to our customers.