In the process of finding solutions for the needs of our customers and partners we have selected and built a set of tools to assist in the implementation of these solutions, among others are:


It is our main tool for the development and implementation of vertical and business solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Adaptor is a platform for the development of business processes specialized in the financial sector. Among its features include the management of channels, files and documents and integration with corporate applications.

It has primitives for the analysis and construction of Financial Messaging and the transport of business transactions. Some of the standards that it handles natively are SWIFT MT and MX, ISO8583, CNAB and EDI\FACT, allowing in a simple way its extension to new standard or legacy formats.

Some of those solutions built with these tools and available as products of the company are:


It is a payments and financial transactions solution built with Adaptor through the electronic channels used by the financial industry: E-Banking, M-Banking, Self-service, ATMs, Credit Cards, SWIFT, etc. Adapter Payments implements the necessary business processes to support the operation of these channels and integrate them with the Bank’s core system.
In multiple Banks contexts it provides ACH functionalities.

SIT: Integral Card System

Management of credit and debit cards for issuing entities. The product supports multiple brands and currencies, automates the exchange of data with the Processors and other External Entities. It has subsystems for the management of mass loyalty campaigns.

SID: Integral Documentary System

For the administration in corporate environments of the Processes and their associated Documents, it allows customizing the life cycles of documents and processes in order to cover the needs of the organization; its binary repository provides facilities for documents indexing and their subsequent location.
It supports PKI infrastructure for digital signatures and authentication in secure channels.

SIP: Integral Payment System

It offers Payments Services to Suppliers from Banks or Financial Services Institutions for Regional or Global Corporations.

SIC: Collection System

It offers services of Collections of Clients from Banks or Financial Services Institutions for Regional or Global Corporations.

These tools and the products implemented with them are built with the aim of eliminating programming tasks for the maintenance and change of applications, guaranteeing their adaptability to changes and the reduction of maintenance costs and development deadlines. To achieve this, all of them are integrated in a graphic designer called Adapter Designer, in which the tools are organized by means of project types and models.